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Video - World premiere: Jetmen fly with Patrouille de France

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Three Jetmen flying together with the Patrouille de France – the world premiere has just been accomplished in the skies over the south of France. For nine minutes Yves Rossy, Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen flew in formation with the eight red, white and blue Alphajets.

The "flying men" cut a path through the air only a few meters from the Patrouille de France, using only the slightest body movements to maintain their positions in the formation. It took immense preparation to bring this stunningly beautiful, aerial choreography into action.

The fearless ‘Jetmen’ dived into a vacuum from helicopters to join the Alphajets. To immortalise this exceptional event, director Eric Magnan shot the film "Alpha Jetman" (see the video) with his team, which hardly needs commentary. After flying with an Airbus A380, the Jetman is back!

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