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Video - Iskra Model Airplane Demo Flight

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On the 7th July we did a report on Rachid Soulimane, an avid aviation fan who flies his model jet, the Iskra, with his fingertips. The model jet is 6ft 7in long and runs on kerosene. It can fly at nearly 125 mph. Watch the demonstration flight of this model plane.

Le PZL TS-11 Iskra (or «Spark» in English) has been around for a while. 424 models were built from 1963 until 1987. This trainer aircraft was used by the Polish airforce and navy as well as by the Indian air force. A few of them are still in service today. The manufacturer PZL-Mielec was bought out by the American company, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in 2007, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin.

Designed either as a single or a twin-seater, the Iskra is equipped with a Polish-made engine and can go faster than 435 mph in flight. If the aircraft was mainly used for training, it was also used for reconnaissance missions or attacks. These were carried out by a canon that could be inserted in the nose and more than 880 lbs of explosives could be fitted under the wings.

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