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Video - "405": a hilarious short catastrophe film

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A DC-10 landing on a Los Angeles highway, is the nightmarish scenario opening to the film, "405", a short three-minute gem directed by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt.

The pilots of the Airliner company, flight 117, to which any resemblance to American Airlines is purely coincidental, are unable to maintain altitude. Forced to land as soon as possible, the crew of the DC-10 decide to opt for the nearest expressway - the 405 freeway - hence the title. What follows is an emergency landing, to say the least traumatic, for at least one of the two drivers on the road. We’ll let you find out or help you to remember what happens next.

The special effects used to portray the hilarious events in this really quite successful fiction film, created a buzz on the Internet when it aired in 2000. Yet both directors took just three months to complete the film, at a cost of only 300 dollars instead of the usual millions that would normally be spent. A camcorder, a computer and three editing and special effects software to create the exterior shots were all they needed.

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