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Video - Young American builds an incredible A380 - in paper

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Two years ago we produced a report about Luca Iaconi-Stewart, a young 24-year old Californian (photo) who, after five years of hard work, had built a Boeing 777 Kraft paper model.

Luca Iaconi-Stewart has just completed a second model. This time Singapore Airlines contacted him to make a 1/50th scale Airbus A380 (for an disclosed amount), as part of the company’s advertising campaign: "No detail is too small".

It took six months’ work at his home in San Francisco, for Luca to achieve his 4ft 9in (1.45 m) long paper super-jumbo. He filmed the various stages himself, which afterwards were edited and put together by an advertising agency. After a total of one thousand hours of cutting, folding and gluing, 100 reams of paper, 50 scalpel blades, and a 4 oz (12 cl) pot of glue, the Singapore Airlines A380 finally took shape.

The airline asked Luca to produce only one half of the aircraft, so that its cabin layout could be displayed. In comparison with the Air India Boeing 777 model, the challenge of this project was to recreate the seats of the four different classes that Singapore Airlines offers its passengers - in paper - down to the smallest detail, but which he successfully achieved. As Luca, whom we contacted, explained: "The most difficult were probably the seats themselves, adding in as much detail as possible and making them articulate."

Completed last month, Luca’s miniature A380 is currently stored at his home, next to the Air India Boeing 777, whose wings he still has yet to complete. As promised, in February 2014, Boeing invited him to visit their 777 final assembly line, and which was, in his words, "an amazing experience".

Without doubt, but certainly not as incredible as his two paper planes – entirely handmade.

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