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Video - Aerobatics: France remains world champion

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The World Aerobatics Championships were completed on 28 August in France. Amongst the 60 pilots in the competition, the Russians and the Americans must have thought the sky had fallen on their heads. The fourth programme that could have taken them to the first podium was cancelled, like that of 2013 in Texas, because of a low cloud ceiling. The French, who were in the lead after the first three rounds, therefore obtained a shower of gold medals.

Overall, France is World Team Champion ahead of Russia and the United States. In the Individual Men’s, French Air Force Captain Alexandre Orlowski came first, having succeeded Francois Le Vot, the 2013 champion. The Women's Individual, Aude Lemordant, is a 33-year-old, Air France commercial pilot who retains her title. France therefore repeats its 2013 feat, in taking the grand slam.

The competition ended in front of 65,000 spectators with an air show. On the programme: freestyle flight demonstrations, Rafales, and the French Air Force Aerobatic Team (Patrouille de France).

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