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Video - A Cricri is taking off from the roof of a car

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Why make it simple when you can make it complicated ? After six years spent building his Cricri (Cricket), Lionel Adroit recently succeeded in taking off from the roof of a car.

A delicate operation because the smallest twin-engine in the world, was placed on the roof rack, with its main undercarriage held in position by simple chocks. Once the 4x4 was en route and up to speed, the aircraft could quite simply have fallen off the roof, even before take-off.

Lionel Adroit, Cricri owner-pilot: watch the interview in the video.

After six months’ testing with a full size model of the aircraft, the big day finally arrived. On Muret airfield near Toulouse (south western France), Lionel Adroit boarded his Cricri, two metres (6 feet) off the ground. Underneath, in the car, a team was in permanent radio contact with him, particularly concerning speed, and at 120 km/h (75 mph), the Cricri gained height.

This take-off from the roof of a car is a first in France, although other pilots have done it in the US and UK; even so, the operation is still impressive. On 30 May, Lionel Adroit, and his Cricri, will repeat this performance at the Airexpo airshow (Muret, south western France) in front of the anticipated 20,000 spectators.

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