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Video - Helsinki airport turned into a skate park

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On 12th and 13th October, Helsinki Airport (HEL) in Finland was transformed for a few hours into a skatepark.

On the occasion of the "a match made in HEL" event, the greatest skaters in the world such as the Finn Arto Saari, American Matt Berger and the Dane Andreas Larsen were able to show the extent of their talents.

One way to explore the airport from an original angle, where maintenance hangars, the apron and baggage conveyor belts were turned into a playground.

It was Finnair, the Finnish airline, together with Finavia, the management body of Finnish airports, who initiated the idea of this unusual marketing campaign to highlight the advantages of this hub, and remind people that airports, often perceived as stressful places, can be a place to enjoy and even be entertained.

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