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Video - Red Bull Air Race : Hannes Arch over Poland

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The least one can say is that on 27th., July, there was a big crowd at Gdynia in Poland for the fourth round of the Red Bull Air Race. Not less than 130,000 spectators went to see the battle over the Baltic Sea between the top twelve aerobatic pilots in the world. The country's first.

After his poor performance in Malaysia, better was expected of Paul Bonhomme. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Like last time, the defending champion finished fifth. For having flown too high at one of the pilons, gate 12, the Brit picked up a two-second penalty. A judges' decision difficult to accept.

Paul Bonhomme - Red Bull Air Race World Champion title holder: Watch the interview in the video.

Nigel Lamb, the other British pilot, also eagerly awaited after his last victory, finally found it just a little too much for him. For less than a couple of seconds, he ceded first place on the podium to the fastest man on the day, Hannes Arch. The Austrian tied it up in less than one minute ten seconds, during which, he negotiated this 270° turn, nicknamed the "marine wall" particularly well, giving him his second victory this year.

Hannes Arch - 1st overall - Red Bull Air Race 2014 : Watch the interview in the video.

With 42 points overall, Hannes Arch therefore continues to increase his lead over his two main rivals, namely Bonhomme and Lamb. Between now and 26th., October, there are still four races on the programme. The next is due to take place at Ascot in the UK on 16 and 17 August.

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