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Video - The Extra 330-SC: world aerobatic champion ‘plane

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The Extra 330-SC is the reigning world champion aerobatic title holder in all categories. This aircraft, which has been produced since 2010 by the German manufacturer Walter Extra, is a small technological jewel weighing under 600 lbs. ( 270 kg. ) capable of slicing through the air thanks to its 315 h.p. 6-cylinder Lycoming engine.

Pascal Lecomte - Chief Pilot - Midi-Pyrénées Voltige (aerobatics): interview in the video. 

And thanks to its impressive extra long carbon ailerons running the length of the wing, complete with their aerodynamic counterbalance fixtures, called ''spades'', which reduce the effort needed on the stick to actuate the aileron, the pilots produce their figures with extreme precision. If we look at the instrumentation onboard, it is limited to the essentials because there's no time to look around when you are at the controls of the Extra 330-SC, without mentioning all the thrills and adrenaline you're pumping around your body in such a short time.

Dorian Ortolan - Midi-Pyrénées Voltige (aerobatics) pilot: interview in the video.

The Extra 330-SC is a real Formula 1 of the sky in its performance, design, and fuel consumption around 100 litres (26,5 US gals.) per 100 km (2 1/4 miles to the gallon), and of course its price: € 400,000 ( $ 545,000 ). Having become a reference over the years in the world of aerobatics, this plane is used by pilots, in this amazing Red Bull Air Race where speed and precision are essential if they wish to find a place on the podium.

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