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Video - 5,000 hours of work for a paper Boeing 777 !

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This young Californian is not crazy, although he did have a crazy idea. Luca Iaconi-Stewart has built a model Boeing 777 from Kraft paper, the sort that paper bags or envelopes are made from. "I find the Boeing 777 a very well proportioned aircraft, it was really an esthetic choice, and the livery of Air India is very elegant", he said.

It was during a high school architectural course that the 22 year-old Californian embarked on this mammoth project. He found the design and plans for this Air India's plane on the internet, which he then recreated on a software before printing on paper. Five years of work, and 400 reams of paper later for a result still not yet finished.

Luca Iaconi-Stewart: "You know, times it can be very frustrating to see all the time we spend on a project like this, but it's also very nice to see him take shape as you imagined. The last thing I have left to do are the wings. This is in progress, but I do not know when I'm finished because if I find a full time job it may take some time".

Luca hopes that, one day, this model will be exhibited in a museum or a school of architecture. For now, he is happy to have been invited to visit the Boeing 777 production line. An oral invitation and on paper.

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