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Video - Sightseeing flights around Paris

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It’s a rare lighter-than-air cigar shaped “Blimp”, and there are five of its kind in the world, of which only three are allowed to fly, including this Zeppelin chartered by the French company Airship Paris. Since 3 August this unusual aircraft has been flying over the Paris greater metropolitan area.

Katharine Board, Airship pilot: watch the interview in the video.

No hydrogen and therefore no risk of fire. Although it’s the size of an Airbus A380 this huge balloon handles just like a boat.

Katharine Board, Airship pilot: watch the interview in the video.

For the company, which at present offers three tourist flights between Chantilly and Versailles, this whole adventure is a bold gamble.

Eric Lopez , CEO of Airship Paris : watch the interview in the video.

Having just docked at Cergy- Pontoise airport, 30 miles south east of Paris, the Zeppelin attracts highly curious and amused onlookers. Depending on the duration of the flight, count on between 250 and 600€ per person. If the test period, which ends in late October is conclusive, Airship Paris could be placing an order for their own balloon next year.

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