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  • Fighter jet’s winning Formula 1

    Watch this video to relive the thrilling race between a Formula 1 racing driver and a RAAF fighter jet pilot ahead of the Australian Grand Prix in 2014.

  • The smallest twin-engined in the world

    It is called Cricket, it has a 16 ft. wingspan and a length of 13 ft. It is in fact the smallest twin-engined in the world. A plane that you cannot find in kit form. Lionel for example took 2,000 hours in building it and is now the happiest of men.

  • Best of 2016: Top 5 aviation Lifestyle videos

    For the Christmas holidays, aeronewstv offers you the best of 2016’s aviation videos. Today, we invite you to watch the TOP 5 reports viewed this year in the Lifestyle category.

  • First class freerunner jumps the queue

    Passengers often have to break into a sprint to catch a plane. But Jason Paul does it with class. In this extract, the German professional freerunner shows off his talent at Munich airport. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • World premiere: Jetmen fly with Patrouille de France

    Three Jetmen have flown for the first time in formation with the Patrouille de France’s eight Alphajets. The breath-taking world premiere was captured for posterity. Watch the video without comment. Read the article.

  • On a wingsuit and a prayer

    Latest video footage from Red Bull, as daredevil athlete Miles Daisher escapes a life and death situation 'on a wing and a prayer' after leaping from a Cessna. See the video. Read the article.

  • A pilot loses his propeller in flight

    At the helm of his mono-engine, a Rans S-10 Sakota, a private pilot was forced to watch helplessly whilst his engine propeller broke off his plane. Even though has was at 7,000ft, he nonetheless managed to make a smooth landing. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Iskra Model Airplane Demo Flight

    Take a look at Rachid Soulimane’s model jet plane demonstration flight, the Iskra. This ‘small’ version is nonetheless 6ft 7in long, weighs 30lbs and flies at nearly 125 mph. Watch the video (no commentary). Read the article.

  • Iskra: a model version of the Polish army plane

    A meeting with Rachid Soulimane who is flying an Iskra - a Polish army training plane - using a remote control. His model jet is more than two metres long and flies at almost 155 mph. At these speeds, there’s no room for error.

  • Plane sent to Davy Jones’ Locker to boost tourism

    On 4 June, a plane deposited gently on the Aegean Sea bed, with the intention of becoming an artificial reef to help boost scuba diving tourism, is the spectacular operation that the Turkish authorities have undertaken. Watch the video, without commentary, and read the article.

  • Flying Flea under construction

    In his garage in Dordogne (southwestern France), Jean-Pierre is completing the construction of a Flying Flea. This small single-seater biplane was developed in the 30’s by Henri Mignet, and weighs just 310 lbs (140 kg) unladen.

  • "405": a hilarious short catastrophe film

    The low budget film, "405", produced in 2000 became a cult film. If you have seen this unforgettable film, but even so don’t remember the story, it was about the eventful landing of a DC-10 on a Los Angeles highway. The ending is hilarious. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • An aerial slalom through a wind farm

    Aerobatic pilot, Hannes Arch, has just produced an unbelievable feat in Austria: slaloming through a wind farm of 97 feet (60 m) tall turbines. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • Air hostesses ignite a football stadium

    In early March, eight charming Emirates airline flight attendants carried out a variation to normal flight safety routines in front of 57,000 football fans. The event took place at Hamburg’s football stadium in Germany. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • UAV World Championships

    On 22 February, the world’s twelve best drone pilots competed at Miami’s American football stadium. On the programme were slaloms in the stands and corridors at speeds of up to 80 mph (130 km/h). Watch the video and read the article.

  • Boeing 747 overtakes a Boeing 737

    At more than 33,000 feet (10,000 metres) a Boeing 747 overtook a Boeing 737. These rare and unusual images were recorded by a Boeing 777 pilot from his cockpit over Iraq.

  • The largest helicopter formation flight

    This week we take you to Russia, where the record for the most helicopters flying in formation, 25 in total, was achieved last summer. A record that has just been beaten in Iraq. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Paraglider dances with Northern Lights

    This week, we are in Norway’s far north, at Trømso. In early January, the Spaniard, Horacio Llorens, flew under the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) with his paramotor. A show of rare beauty. See the video. Read the article.

  • Wingboard aerial surfing

    The "wingboard" will perhaps soon be the next extreme sports craze. A kind of aerial wakeboard, the concept is currently undergoing testing in the United States. All the details follow.


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