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Video - What is a combat aircraft’s engine temperature ?

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A jet aircraft engine mixes kerosene with compressed air, which burns fiercely, giving off hot exhaust gases, which produce, and release the necessary energy to propel the ‘plane forward. Because of this, high temperatures have always been one of the major challenges in the manufacture of jet engines. Their construction thus requires high temperature resistant composite materials, especially for the combustion chamber and turbine inlet.

The materials used must not only resist high temperatures, but must also be durable. This is especially true for highly powerful engines, like those for combat aircraft. For example, the M88 engine built by Snecma (Safran group), exclusively for the Rafale, can generate a thrust of 7.5 metric tons.

So, what is the temperature inside an engine such as the M88 ? We also put the question to passengers at an airport. The correct answer is at the end of the video.

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