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Video - Why do we board a plane on the left?

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Many people have flown for years without asking the question. Perhaps without even noticing it. However, boarding in the vast majority of planes takes place on the left, but why?

Going back in time, this habit could come from the Middle Ages knights who mounted their horses by the left stirrup to avoid hurting their horses with their swords. A process which simply became a time-honoured practice. For commercial aircraft, boarding on the left is mostly more functional. The left-side door is in fact taller than that on the opposite side. It measures 1.8 meters high and thus facilitates the flow of passengers. Taking this into consideration, airlines prefers therefore the right side of the aircraft for loading luggage, food and kerosene.

Boarding on the left side is therefore not so much of a mistery but for practical reasons. And finally the most important is not to know which side to enter the plane, but how to get out safely. 

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