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  • Switzerland: Why a referendum for the Gripen ?

    On May 18th., more than five million Swiss citizens went to the polls. A notable referendum to decide on the government purchase of 22 Swedish combat aircraft. The question was simple: "Do you accept the Federal Act of 27th., September 2013, regarding the acquisition of the Gripen fighter ?".

  • What happens during a flight intercept ?

    Aircraft hijacking ( skyjacking ), transponder failure, leaving an air corridor : a fighter jet has many reasons to intercept a commercial aircraft. On May 4th., a French Air Force Rafale took off from air base 118, seen here in the picture, to provide assistance to an airliner.

  • Aircraft brake cooling fans

    When a commercial plane lands, the brakes are really put to the test. In just a few minutes, their temperature rises from a hundred degrees centigrade to over 400, requiring nearly two hours to cool down.

  • What happens when a plane stalls ?

    When an airplane stalls, it abruptly loses its lift, and then falls like a stone out of the sky! To avoid this, sometimes with tragic consequences, the flow of air over the upper part of the wing must exceed that on the underside...

  • What does all this braid signify ?

    How do you recognize a chief pilot from a co- pilot, a chief purser from a purser ? Well just take look at their stripes or braid, the carrying of which, is required on their uniforms; the number of stripes on the jacket sleeves and shoulders on the shirt, indicate the function of each individual...

  • Just how does a jet engine work ?

    The essential element of any vehicle lies in its capacity to create energy for it to move. The following is an overview of the function of a new high-bypass turbofan engine called the LEAP, developed by CFM International.

  • What exactly is a "flight plan" ?

    Before arriving in the cockpit, pilot and co- pilot prepare the flight plan. An hour and a half before departure they study the route, weather, and calculate the fuel required for the flight; but to find out more Europe Airpost opened their doors to us...

  • Aircraft icing phenomena...

    It is no secret that airliners are equipped with anti-icing systems and in particular to avoid the formation of ice on the wings. But what are the factors that create these icing conditions ? To find out we went to the headquarters of Météo France.

  • These strange gestures that guide aircraft on the ground...

    A commercial or military aircraft cannot be parked like a car, because from their cockpits pilots cannot see the ground markings, or verify whether their plane is properly aligned so that they can shut down their engines. On the ground, one person serves as a guide.

  • Airport tax, what is it used for ?

    When you buy an air ticket, the price you pay includes the "airport tax”... but what is it used for exactly ? Who are the beneficiaries? On what basis is it calculated ? We went to find out…

  • What is a run-up ?

    Prior to delivery of an aircraft to the customer, aircraft manufacturers make what is called in the jargon: a run-up, during which, the engines are started and the aircraft’s electrical circuits turned on.

  • Distress beacons under investigation

    A week after a fire broke out on an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 at Heathrow airport, the investigators are interested in the onboard distress beacon ... But what do they look like and what are exactly are they used for ? Some of the answers follow...

  • When the Patrouille de France "orchestrates music"

    Before each flight, the pilots of the Patrouille de France rehearse their "music". More clearly, they go through all the actions they will perform in the flight programme. Aeronewstv had the privilege of attending one of these briefings. Total immersion and decyphering...

  • Boeing, Airbus, Embraer... to each his number !

    B737, B747 and B787 for Boeing; A320, A330, and A380 for Airbus; EMB110, ERJ145, and ERJ140 for Embraer... Right from the beginning the major aircraft manufacturers have given their commercial aircraft a particular number. But do you know why ?

  • How do you finance an aircraft ?

    When an airline decides to buy aircraft, they often call in financial organizations. But what is the duration of a loan in general ? What guarantees are required ? Have interest rates increased with the crisis ? Here are a few answers…

  • Thrust reversers : what are they used for ?

    Thrust reversers : what are they used for ?

  • What are those white streaks ?

    What are those white streaks up there in the sky ?

  • Coded lights

    Coded lights

  • Strange observations of the third kind

    Strange observations of the third kind


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