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  • Airline protocol in case of a heart attack in mid flight

    Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack during a United Airlines flight. In the wake of her death, we take a look at current legislation and options available to airline companies in the case of a medical emergency in mid-flight.

  • When cabin lighting synchronizes your biological clock

    Conceived back in the 1980's, light therapy, which consists in exposing oneself to artificial light is proving its worth. This technique is used by many airlines to help overcome the problems associated with de-synchronization of passengers' biological rhythms.

  • The Orbis International flying hospital

    The NGO, Orbis International, travels the globe onboard a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 transformed into a flying ophthalmic hospital. One way to help poor people recover their sight, and train the local medical staff.

  • EASA : new study on air quality in aircraft

    The European Aviation Safety Authority has just ordered a study of air quality in aircraft. Ventilation of the cabin is a health issue and criterion of comfort.

  • Ebola virus: what risk for travellers ?

    According to the latest report of the W.H.O., the World Health Organization, the Ebola outbreak which, since December, has affected mainly Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, has caused more than 1,900 deaths. A direct consequence is that most airlines have now stopped flying to these countries. Is this justified ?

  • Some bacteria survive up to a week in aircraft

    Researchers at the American Society for Microbiology have just completed a study on the resistance in 'planes of two pathogens : Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Respecting the humidity and temperature found on airplanes...

  • Visual acuity of pilots

    It is no secret that airline pilots must have a very good eyesight, but do they necessarily have to have eyes as sharp as an eagles for this job ? Is the wearing of glasses or contact lenses in the cockpit allowed ? Are the regulations the same for all ? Here’s what we discovered…

  • Electronic cigarettes forbidden on-board !

    Despite its increasing use by smokers, the electronic cigarette is still not allowed on-board most airlines. But why ?

  • Pregnancy and flying

    Even if it does happen, birth is relatively rare in flight. Not wishing to take the least risk, airlines forbid pregnant women to fly beyond a certain number of weeks pregnancy. How many ? Why ? Dr. Jean Mouchard replies...

  • Pilot fatigue remedies

    Pilot fatigue remedies

  • Weightless scientists !

    Weightless scientists !

  • Pilot fatigue. it happens, more than you think !

    Pilot fatigue. it happens, more than you think !

  • The economy class syndrome

    The economy class syndrome


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