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Video - A chance to fly aboard the A380?

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Passengers determined to fly aboard the A380 now have a better chance than ever. In order to travel aboard one of the 200 giant double-deckers in service around the world today, Airbus launched the dedicated search engine, “iflyA380” three months ago. The website is extremely easy to use.

Marc Fontaine, Airbus Digital Transformation Officer: watch the interview in the video.

For example, simply key in that you are leaving London for Los Angeles on 19th November and returning on 26th November, in Economy. After a few seconds, dozens of flights will come up from British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa and Korean Air. You select your choice, and are immediately redirected to the airline site to purchase your ticket, with no extra charge.

Airbus hopes this search tool, unique to the A380, may give its iconic aircraft a boost. The world’s largest airliner is struggling to fill its order books. But it is as popular as ever among passengers, as the numerous messages and photos posted on social networks and displayed on the Airbus website go to show. So far, 13 airline companies employ the Airbus A380, flying to 55 airports around the world.

Airbus is running a major competition on its new dedicated website, open until midnight on 14th November, offering participants the chance to win a return flight to the destination of their choice in the super jumbo jet.

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