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Video - Airbus group and Uber test on-demand helicopter service

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Taking a helicopter in the same way we take a taxi is a concept that Airbus group and Uber, the chauffeur-driven car reservation specialist company, have just finished testing. From 21 to 24 January, a "helicopter-taxi" service was offered as part of the Sundance Independent Film Festival held in Utah, United States.

In conjunction with  a local H125 operator, Airbus made three, 4 to 6-seater choppers available, with Uber running the customer interface side. Using a dedicated application, clients were able to book their flight between Salt Lake City International Airport and Park City, where the festival is being held. Upon arrival at the airport, a chauffeur-driven car drove them to the city. Passenger fares for the 38 mile (60 kilometres) journey: daytime $200, night-time $300.

Whilst no quantified assessment has so far been communicated, this on-demand helicopter transport trial must have been pretty conclusive, since without giving further details, Airbus group’s intention is to reproduce the operation at other events this year.

The aeronautical group’s aim for this pilot project is the democratisation of helicopter transport, and demonstrate the viability of this new business model for operators wishing to increase their number of clients.

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