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Video - A website for used aircraft parts

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In the heart of Paris is one of the latest and most innovative startups in air transport. Ayce Celikel and Richard Hervé are both consultants in aviation; him in aircraft maintenance, her in sustainable development. They combined their skills last year to launch a most unusual platform: a second-hand market on the web, dedicated to aircraft parts and equipment.

As the co-founder of Aerobay Ayce explained, it is a sort of aeronautical Ebay. Interested parties can find equipment at 20% or 30% of the market price, making it highly lucrative for both buyers and sellers, because it is also possible to put unused parts online.

A real asset to the co-founder because airlines, aircraft lessors, and even aircraft manufacturers may have equipment surpluses or aircraft that have reached the end of their lives and for which they have little use. The website allows people or companies involved in aviation to save and earn money.

An airline can choose to sell an airplane or recycle it, and often the second solution is the most lucrative, since 90% of aircraft equipment can be recycled or reused. The aircraft end-of-life market is growing very rapidly. Over the next 20 years, 10,000 aircraft will be retired.

Managing an aircraft’s end-of- life by limiting the impact of recycling on the environment, is also all the originality of this exciting new business model on the French and international markets.

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