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Video - Aerobatix presents its 2015/2016 fall-winter collection

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On the occasion of Men’s Fashion Week, held from 21st to 25th January in Paris, our spotlight falls on Aerobatix which has just introduced its 2015/2016 Autumn-Winter collection in its Paris showroom.

The French ready-to-wear brand was created last year, and has positioned itself in the market for aviator high-end outfits. Aerobatix is aimed exclusively at men and, in a contemporary way, re-interprets iconic pieces like the flight or bomber jacket which could be found in a pilot’s wardrobe. The distinctive sign of the brand is its logo on a metal disk, attached to a red lambskin tongue below the back of the collar.

Aerobatix offers functional clothing: pants, shirts, tee-shirts, and jackets in cowhide or lambskin leather, from southern France and Italy, but made in Paris. With an exclusive contract with the French Air Force aerobatic team, it is the only brand to market clothes with real badges and insignia of the elite pilots.

Mathieu Ventayol, Artistic Director – Aerobatix

"My inspiration emanated mostly from both the pilot and military wardrobes, so I went foraging  amongst some vintage pieces of French Air Force pilots outfits where I found a lot of interesting things that gave me ideas for this new collection.’’

Current clothing prices are around fifty euros for a tee-shirt or scarf, up to 1,500 euros for a leather jacket. 

Aerobatix brand clothes are sold on the internet. The brand plans to expand throughout the rest of France and also Europe.

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