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aeronewstv not only has a new look

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aeronewstv not only has a new look

Launched three years ago, the first web-tv aimed at the public at large, and dedicated to aviation, with daily video reports in French and English, adopts a new design from this 1st October.

More modern and ergonomic, the www.aeronewstv.com media site, also changes from black to white for better legibility.

All videos will be fully transcribed for reasons of search engine optimization, and also to bypass certain technical constraints related even to the principles of video. Internauts will have the choice between reading and / or watching the topic.

The new media platform will also enable a more varied content, whether in written, audio, video or photographic form, to be put online.

On the occasion of aviation events, for example, this new platform will also allow the development of live news items which aeronewstv will produce and broadcast.

All these improvements have been made to the mobile web site application.

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