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  • A chance to fly aboard the A380?

    Determined to fly in an A380? Airbus will now help you in your research. And until 14th November, you can even win a return trip to the destination of your choice on “iflyA380”, the search engine recently created by the aircraft manufacturer, which trawls all the flights by the super jumbo jet.

  • Modobag, an electric suitcase

    From now on, you won’t have to carry your suitcase anymore as it will carry you! The Modobag is equipped with an electric engine that will get you to your gate effortlessly at just over 8 mph.

  • aeronewstv’s latest feature

    In order to make the aeronewstv site even more interactive and friendly, at the end of each video report, the system will automatically offer you four other subjects to watch on the same theme.

  • Life made easier for bikers at Paris airports

    The French start-up Mains Lib' has just launched an innovative concept for bikers. A free system that allows two-wheeled riders to leave their hands free when taking a plane.

  • Airbus group and Uber test on-demand helicopter service

    From 21 to 24 January, Airbus group and Uber, the chauffeur-driven car reservation specialist company, tested an on-demand helicopter transportation service. Offered as part of the Sundance Film Festival in the US, this pilot project aims to democratise helicopter transport.

  • Flight sharing now regulated in France

    Flight sharing is now regulated in France. The Internet platforms that connect public and private pilots now have to acquire a business license and an air transport certificate. A brief overview follows.

  • A website for used aircraft parts

    The French startup Aerobay will launch on 20 December a website dedicated to the sale and purchase of used aircraft parts. As the founders explained, it is a sort of aeronautical Ebay.

  • Skylander’s campsite landing

    The Skylander, a French propeller driven aircraft project, will never really take off, since 2014, the only full size model has been used as unusual accommodation for campers in the Nantes (western France) region. Come take a look on board.

  • Private cost sharing flights on trial in France

    Cost sharing flights is the new French ‘plane sharing idea bit some consider the practice illegal in France. The regulations to be applied are those of public transport, which is not the case today.

  • What is a spinner on an aircraft ?

    The question of the day : What is a spinner on an aircraft ? Find the answer at the end of the video.

  • Aerobatix presents its 2015/2016 fall-winter collection

    On the occasion of Men’s Fashion Week, held from 21st to 25th January in Paris, our spotlight falls on Aerobatix which has just introduced its 2015/2016 Autumn-Winter collection. This young ready-to-wear French brand has positioned itself in the market for aviator high-end outfits.

  • aeronewstv not only has a new look

    Launched three years ago, the first web-tv aimed at the public at large, and dedicated to aviation, with daily video reports in French and English, adopts a new design from this 1st October.

  • He repairs your bags at the airport !

    At Roissy airport, "SOS Baggage" is a great success ... This service, a world's first, actually repairs your bags in minutes whether you are a passenger or part of the cabin crew ! A concept that is beginning to export well.

  • "Yoyo" soon a must !

    "Yoyo" soon a must !

  • Compensation for passengers

    Compensation for passengers

  • An anti-stress app.

    An anti-stress app.

  • Aisle or window ?

    Aisle or window ?

  • European passengers on file!

    European passengers on file!

  • Flying Presents

    Flying Presents


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