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Video - A380 lands in a Dubai flower garden

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A blooming Airbus A380 has taken root in the United Arab Emirates. At the "Miracle Garden" in Dubai, the world’s largest floral garden - with over 45 million flowers spread over 72,000 m2 - the super jumbo’s steel structure has been reproduced at full scale. Weighing in at 30 tonnes, it’s adorned with a medley of half a million flowers, largely made up of petunias, marigolds, snapdragons, violas and geraniums.

It took 180 days, 200 people and 144,000 hours for this floral installation to take shape. The main challenge faced by the team in the creation of their eco-friendly A380 was how to successfully water all the plants, some of which are 24 m high. Quite naturally, the A380 is decked out in the Emirates airline colours. To create the company logo alone, gardeners needed 9,000 flowers. 

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