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Video - Sully: the full-length trailer

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After «American Sniper», Clint Eastwood is back with "The miracle on the  Hudson". Entitled «Sully», the American director recreates the emergency water landing of the US Airways A320 in New York in 2009.

Taking his inspiration from the book 'Highest Duty', penned by Chesley Sullenberger, the Captain of US Airway's flight1549, Clint Eastwood didn't only want to highlight his heroic act that saved the lives of 150 passengers and 5 crew members. He also wanted to include the investigation that was opened after the incident and that nearly ruined the captain's reputation and career. «Sully» is the first time Tom Hanks (who plays the captain in the movie) and Clint Eastwood work together. Filming started in September 2015 in New York and lasted seven months travelling through several other US cities, like Atlanta and Los Angeles.

The film is an hour and a half long and has just been released in the US and in many other countries (Canada, Australia, India, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Russia, Greece…). It will get to France, Belgium and Switzerland on November 30th. Here is the full-length trailer.

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