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Video - A Helicopter Crashes because of a Drone

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A drone hit the tail rotor of a helicopter ambulance and caused it to crash together with five passengers aboard. This is a spectacular air catastrophe that fortunately didn’t really take place. It is in fact an extract form the British television series Casualty.

For its 30th birthday, the series splashed out on this very realistic scene that could have come straight out of an American blockbuster. Broadcast on the 27th August on BBC One, viewers eagerly awaited the first episode of the 31st season. Proof of this came from the video extract of the crash that created a buzz on the web with more than 8 million views.

This medical drama series has been around since the 6th September 1986 in the UK. It tells the story of life in a hospital located in a fictional town called Holby. Watch the video of the helicopter crash and the behind-the-scenes footage of that sequence that was filmed in early May in the UK.

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