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The most watched 2015 video reports in the lifestyle category

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The most watched 2015 video reports in the lifestyle category

On the occasion of this end of year festive season, aeronewstv is offering the possibility of viewing, or re-viewing, your most popular 2015 aviation reports in the following categories: Aviation Industry, Lifestyle, Air Transport, Events and Employment.

The "Top 5" of the Lifestyle category for 2015 are:

Mission Impossible 5: behind the A400M stunt scenes Tom Cruise clinging to the door of an A400M taking off - this stunt will be a mindblower in cinema. A few days before its release for distribution, come and see behind the cameras of this spectacular scene. Read the article. Watch the video.

A Cricri is taking off from the roof of a car Lionel Adroit, pilot of the Cricri, the smallest twin-engined ‘plane in the world, recently succeeded in taking off from the roof of a car. A delicate but impressive manoeuvre.

Tom Cruise on an A400M: Mission Impossible? In the trailer for the 5th Mission Impossible film, entitled "Rogue Nation’’, Tom Cruise, is found clinging to the outer door of a A400M taking off, and then, very quickly, at 1,500 m. (5,000 feet) altitude – for real.

"Spectre": a highflying James Bond The producers of the 24th Bond adventure, "Spectre", have not skimped on resources, particularly for its main action scenes in the air. Let’s check it out.

Young American builds an incredible A380 - in paper After making a Boeing 777 made entirely out of paper, a young 24-year old Californian has done the same thing, but this time, with an A380 for Singapore Airlines, including the fuselage, engines and seats - everything down to the last detail. Watch the video and read the article.

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