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Video - Mission Impossible 5: behind the A400M stunt scenes

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After presenting the trailer of the fifth instalment of Mission Impossible entitled, "Rogue Nation", to you last April, here is a new video showing scenes of the stunt carried out by Ethan Hunt, aka Tom Cruise, on the A400M.

Tom Cruise, who directed this short sequence on the wing of the military transport aircraft, during taxiing, then clinging to the air deflectors (a system to reduce turbulence when parachuting out of the airplane), mounted on its fuselage. The A400M then takes-off and just a few seconds later, we see the actor outside the ‘plane at 5,000 feet (1,500 metres) altitude.

Tom Cruise says this stunt was the most dangerous of his career. The night before the stunt, he could not get to sleep. On the day, as the ‘plane was taking-off, the actor was at first surprised by its speed and the impressive force of the wind against him (In order to keep his eyes open he had to have sclera lenses fitted over his eyes). But he quickly regained his wits and asked himself a multitude of technical questions: "Now do I say my line? Is my lighting good? Am I in shadow?”.

For the purposes of the film, the scene was shot eight times. The shooting took place on 31 October, 2014 at RAF Wittering in the UK, 88 miles (140 kilometres) north of London. To set up the logistics of such a sequence, the teams from Paramount Pictures, and the A400M manufacturer (Airbus Defence & Space) had to work closely together. Firstly negotiations with the manufacturer about the feasibility of such a scene, to show that the ‘plane would not be damaged by the installation of a camera (Optronics ball) on the aircraft fuselage.

As for the security aspects, it was necessary to ensure that the equipment attached to the aircraft could not fall off in flight, in the same way as the actor, who was firmly attached to the plane with two harnesses. Because if a problem had occured, it would have been impossible for the team to recover Tom Cruise before landing.

Before its official release, images from behind the scenes and the information have been carefully selected and delivered little by little. Subject to a confidentiality clause, Airbus Defence & Space are not able to say more at this stage but indicate that another video will be unveiled in early August. The release of "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" for distribution by Paramount Pictures, is scheduled for this summer: in Australia and the UK on 30 July; 31 July in the US; 7 August in Spain; 12 August in France, and 13 August in Brazil.

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  • ashleybredon
    Posté the 07/25/2015 12:10 pm

    Amazing stunt that is done by Tom Cruise in MI5.Looking forward to Watch !

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