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Video - Tom Cruise on an A400M: Mission Impossible?

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Hold onto your seats, this gets pretty hairy ! In the trailer for the 5th Mission Impossible film entitled "Rogue Nation’’, Ethan Hunt, a.k.a. Tom Cruise, is found clinging to the outer door of an A400M during take-off.

Tom Cruise wanted to do the hair-raising stunt himself - without a double - therefore, no special effects either. The scene, which was filmed last November in the UK, shows the 52 year-old American actor, at 1,500 m. (5,000 feet) altitude, hanging from the outside of the European military transport aircraft fuselage.

IIn an interview with Yahoo, Tom Cruise described how he felt: "While the ‘plane was moving along the runway, I did my best to keep my feet down. After it took off, and my body was pressed against the side of the fuselage, I said, 'Wow, this is intense !' "

After the TGV, high speed motorbike chases, and climbing the world's tallest tower in Dubai, Tom Cruise wanted an even more dramatic sequence for this film : an idea which had been running through his mind for a long time - an aerial stunt : "As a child, during a flight, I remember wondering what it would feel like to end up on the wing or the outside of an airplane."

For this scene, the film's director, Christopher McQuarrie, wanted to install a camera outside the aircraft (which would not be torn off by the ’plane’s slipstream) during the A400M’s impressively steep take-off, and showing the ground falling away quickly behind Tom Cruise.

To establish the feasibility of such a sequence, the film crew consulted the European aircraft manufacturer (Airbus Defence & Space), and technically, that was not the only challenge: they needed to create a form of complete eye protection for the actor. "This is honestly the most dangerous thing I've ever done in my life, and I had to do it eight times to get the right take", recalls Tom Cruise.

The result is a scene that should remain in the annals of film stunts. The theatrical release of ‘‘Mission Impossible, Rogue Nation’’, where Tom Cruise tackles The Union, a secret and unscrupulous international organization, is expected to be released this summer. And here are all the release dates of the film throughout the world.

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