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Video - A "Spitfire" for 28,000 euros

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- "Last chance, at 28,000 ; going, going, gone for 28,000 euros. Congratulations Sir, a beautiful object, I have no idea what you're going to do with it, but it’s worth every penny."

The object on auction was this. A full-size model Spitfire. This single-seat fighter, the most used by the Royal Air Force and the Allies during the Second World War, has a wingspan of over eleven metres (36 feet). The model was based on an 1980’s original used  to decorate the entrance of an air base in England, but over the last few weeks, it has been parked on the Champs Elysees in Paris, where it was the highlight at the annual aeronautics auction organized by Artcurial on 2nd March.

Even if the buyer did not wish to talk about it on camera, we do know that the model will end up somewhere in Normandy.

But the auction had many other lots on offer, 373 to be precise. The catalogue included several models, such as this Super Constellation, an aeronautical alloy ejection seat, complete with leather upholstery, and also posters and advertising items on offer for just a few euros.

That which had the most success this year, was the furniture created from aircraft parts, like this Boeing 737 winglet transformed into an office desk; estimated at 7,000 euros, it climbed to 22,000 euros, clearly delighting the enthusiasts and collectors present.

- "I came for a model, which I was able to buy; a beautiful two-deck Air France Breguet, an agency model of that time."

- "I really like aviation furniture, and came here mainly for two lots, but unfortunately, they took-off and I couldn’t follow."

- "I came for a cabin window and ended up with an emergency door. I’m delighted."

Finally, the auction fetched a total of 370,000 euros. Although the buyers left happy, only two thirds of the lots were sold, but who knows, some might find themselves in next year’s catalogue.

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