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Video - Antique aircraft parts for collectors

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In the heart of the Marais district of Paris, far from the airport, one can find a few rare aircraft parts. For thirty years behind her discreet shop window, Nathalie Bernard has offered enthusiasts the possibility of acquiring pieces of flying legends.

In her shop, amongst other items of interest are a Dassault Mirage III ejection seat complete with oxygen mask, the automatic pilot of a Fokker aircraft, and a Boeing wheel rim transformed into a coffee table. Although her clientele, for the main part, are impassioned enthusiasts or simply people with a passing interest, there are others.

Nathalie Bernard - Antique dealer specializing in aviation equipment

" Let's just say that I have met many collectors since the late 80’s. There was always a large category of people who had worked in aeronautics in France. There are people of the former aviation epoque who were fighter pilot in the 50’s, and who tell me they flew with the seat of the Dassault Mystère IV."

Nathalie Bernard who is an endless supply of information about the aircraft parts she sells, also supplies other collectors, and sometimes saves parts destined for scrap. Some pieces are not just old but rare, as is this Caudron G3 propeller, a survivor of the First World War.

Nathalie Bernard - Antique dealer specializing in aviation equipment

" I acquired it from a gentleman whose family had received it as a gift in 1917."

But passion has a price. You will have to pay just a few euros for a key holder created from recycled small engine parts, and up to several thousand for this unusual model of a Boeing 707 for your living room. The flight instruments in the shop have certainly not seen the sky for a long time, but they will give you a glimpse into the history of aviation.

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  • Autolycus
    Posté the 02/18/2015 9:50 am

    An interesting piece, indeed, mais...
    Ecoute! After several decades in the aircraft engineering business, one tends to attract & accumulate odd bits of aeroplane, so could we have an e-mail address for Mme. Bernard, or the address of her Aviation Antiques shop in Le Marais, s'il vous plait...?
    After all, the pitot tube assembly from a Sepecat Jaguar GR-1 has to be worth a few centimes, n'est ce pas?

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  • aeronewstv
    Posté the 02/18/2015 1:26 pm

    Dear Autolycus,

    Thank you for your comment.
    Please find hereafter the contact details of the Aviation antiques shop in Paris.

    3, rue du Pont Louis-Philippe
    75004 Paris

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  • m favro
    Posté the 08/29/2015 10:23 pm

    I have 2 Sabre Jet parts I must sell They are from Canadair Sabres (mark 6).
    They are indeed rare;
    One is from a Golden Hawk Aerobatic Team Jet, it is an air vent plate with the original golden paint still there.
    Also The machine gun cover from 32288 as can be seen when you look up this Sabre serial number on the web. 288 is on the cover and will send pictures if you are interested in them.

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  • geoff
    Posté the 09/25/2016 5:42 pm

    and here is a link to Art Depot-Paris online presence:


    i've been inside the shop and her colletion is remarkable. she has a collection of 1920s bauhaus table and desk lamps as well as other industrial lighting and furniture. anyone fancy the pilot's seat from an SST Concorde?

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