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  • Tom Cruise defies gravity in Novespace ZERO-G A310

    Tom Cruise has been discovering the sensations of zero gravity aboard a Novespace Airbus A310 ZERO-G for his latest movie. Watch the video to find out what went on behind the scenes of The Mummy, due out this summer.

  • BA's last ever Concorde to fly joins Aerospace Bristol museum

    The last Concorde ever to fly has joined Bristol’s future aerospace museum at Filton, in the west of England. It’s a location full of historical significance - the ten British models of the supersonic were assembled here. Watch the video without comment. Read the article.

  • A380 lands in a Dubai flower garden

    A life-size Airbus A380 has landed in Dubai’s biggest park. Covered with 500,000 flowers, this work of art took six months to create. Watch this music video to discover more about the blossoming of a most original project. Read the article to find out more.

  • Tupolev Tu-154: Russian workhorse grounded after crash

    All Tupolev Tu-154s are grounded in the wake of the crash of a Syria-bound Russian aircraft on 25th December, moments after take off from the resort town of Sochi. Over 900 models of the Russian three-engine jet have been built since the first one was developed in the early 1960s. aeronewstv takes a look at the aircraft.

  • Captain Sullenberger - the man behind the miracle on the Hudson

    "Sully", Clint Eastwood's latest film tells the story of the legendary emergency landing by the US Airways Airbus A320 on New York's Hudson River, and the subsequent inquiry and investigation. As the film is released in Europe, listen to the pilot-in-command of Flight 1549, Captain Chesley Sullenberger.

  • Charles Lindbergh’s flying helmet withdrawn from sale

    The leather flying helmet worn by aviator Charles Lindbergh for his first solo flight between New York and Paris from 21st to 22nd May 1927 was under the hammer to the highest bidder at the prestigious Drouot auction rooms in Paris.

  • Sully: the full-length trailer

    After «American Sniper», Clint Eastwood is back with "The miracle on the Hudson". The American director recreates the emergency water landing of the US Airways' A320 in New York. Watch the full-length trailer. Read the article.

  • Sully the Movie on the A320 Hudson Landing Out Soon

    Both engines on a US Airways A320 lost nigh on all of their power. This happened on the 15th January 2009. The pilot decided to land the plane on the Hudson. "Sully", Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, recreates that incredible event. Watch the video to see also the trailer.

  • A Helicopter Crashes because of a Drone

    A drone hit the tail rotor of a helicopter ambulance and caused it to crash together with five passengers aboard. This is a spectacular air catastrophe taken from the British television series Casualty. Watch the video and behind-the-scenes footage. Read the article.

  • Meg Ryan’s fear of flying in French Kiss

    Catch up time: the opening scene of French Kiss by Lawrence Kasdan, which was released in 1995, is set in a plane. On board, Meg Ryan alias Kate, a history teacher living in Toronto, is having a panic attack from her fear of flying. Watch the clip. Read the article.

  • The conquest of the air in Paris

    One hundred years ago, France set out to conquer the air. For the occasion a breathtaking show will be presented in April in Paris. To get an idea of what you can expect, watch the video teaser. Read the article.

  • Elisa Deroche: first woman pilot

    On 8 March 1910, she became the world’s first woman to receive her airplane pilot’s license from the Aero-Club of France. Aeronewstv pays tribute to her on the occasion of International Women's Day.

  • World War Z the film

    A little action with World War Z, a film in which hordes of zombies make air travel indispensable. But even plane trips are not safe. Watch this excerpt to find out. Read the article.

  • Airplane!: a 1980 classic

    Between the antics of the many zany passengers and general staff incompetence, in the air and on the ground, "Airplane!" parodies disaster movies. Watch the extract.

  • Marcel Bloch to Marcel Dassault

    Marcel Ferdinand Bloch, his name may mean little to you, yet it is he who created Dassault Aviation, now well known in corporate and military aviation. We take a look back over the professional debut of Marcel Bloch who would become Marcel Dassault. Read the article.

  • Böing to Boeing: the origins of the group

    Boeing will be celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, which gives us an opportunity to take a brief look at the origins of the aerospace and US defense group, that was created in July 1916 by William Boeing, son of Wilhelm Böing.

  • Air France’s last Boeing 747 and Alphajets midair encounter

    The meeting between eleven Alphajets of the Patrouille de France and Air France’s last Boeing 747 in formation over France took place on 27 January and immortalized by film director Eric Magnan. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • The most watched 2015 video reports in the lifestyle category

    aeronewstv is offering the possibility of viewing, or re-viewing, five of the most watched 2015 aviation video reports in the following categories: Industry, Lifestyle, Transport, Events and Employment. Today, the Lifestyle category.

  • Manolo Chrétien: photographer and "visionary" artist

    Through his photographs, Manolo Chrétien has immortalized the effect of time on airplanes. We met the artist at the Fotofever photography exhibition, which was held at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.


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