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  • World premiere: Jetmen fly with Patrouille de France

    Three Jetmen have flown for the first time in formation with the Patrouille de France’s eight Alphajets. The breath-taking world premiere was captured for posterity. Watch the video without comment. Read the article.

  • Charles Lindbergh’s flying helmet withdrawn from sale

    The leather flying helmet worn by aviator Charles Lindbergh for his first solo flight between New York and Paris from 21st to 22nd May 1927 was under the hammer to the highest bidder at the prestigious Drouot auction rooms in Paris.

  • A chance to fly aboard the A380?

    Determined to fly in an A380? Airbus will now help you in your research. And until 14th November, you can even win a return trip to the destination of your choice on “iflyA380”, the search engine recently created by the aircraft manufacturer, which trawls all the flights by the super jumbo jet.

  • On a wingsuit and a prayer

    Latest video footage from Red Bull, as daredevil athlete Miles Daisher escapes a life and death situation 'on a wing and a prayer' after leaping from a Cessna. See the video. Read the article.

  • Fuel dumping by commercial aircraft

    A Boeing 777 dumping tonnes of fuel over the Paris region – the story made big waves a few days ago. And yet this rare procedure is actually a classic solution to technical problem. Read the article.

  • A pilot loses his propeller in flight

    At the helm of his mono-engine, a Rans S-10 Sakota, a private pilot was forced to watch helplessly whilst his engine propeller broke off his plane. Even though has was at 7,000ft, he nonetheless managed to make a smooth landing. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • When cabin lighting synchronizes your biological clock

    Conceived back in the 1980's, light therapy, which consists in exposing oneself to artificial light is proving its worth. This technique is used by many airlines to help overcome the problems associated with de-synchronization of passengers' biological rhythms.

  • Sully: the full-length trailer

    After «American Sniper», Clint Eastwood is back with "The miracle on the Hudson". The American director recreates the emergency water landing of the US Airways' A320 in New York. Watch the full-length trailer. Read the article.

  • Sully the Movie on the A320 Hudson Landing Out Soon

    Both engines on a US Airways A320 lost nigh on all of their power. This happened on the 15th January 2009. The pilot decided to land the plane on the Hudson. "Sully", Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, recreates that incredible event. Watch the video to see also the trailer.

  • A Helicopter Crashes because of a Drone

    A drone hit the tail rotor of a helicopter ambulance and caused it to crash together with five passengers aboard. This is a spectacular air catastrophe taken from the British television series Casualty. Watch the video and behind-the-scenes footage. Read the article.

  • Retreads, keep airlines rolling !

    A worn car tyre can be replaced; a worn aircraft tyre however is renewed several times using the technique of retreading. The principle is simple: the outer portion of the worn tyre tread is removed and replaced by a new one.

  • Hoisting fittings : what is their purpose ?

    They can be found on the the fuselage, nose section or wings: these fittings are essential in the process of aircraft manufacturing. There are on average around fifty per aircraft. Temporarily attached to the structure, this piece of equipment is used to enable the completion of several tasks.

  • What is the so-called "third man" in a cockpit?

    In the cockpit of a plane you have the captain, the co-pilot and a third person whose nickname is ‘George’. Who is this? We asked you that question in the streets of Paris (see the video) and the answer is supplied in the article.

  • What are all these wires for ?

    In commercial aircraft there are cables everywhere. But where are they located? What are they used for? And how are they made? We went to see at the Safran Electrical & Power factory, specialists in this field.

  • Modobag, an electric suitcase

    From now on, you won’t have to carry your suitcase anymore as it will carry you! The Modobag is equipped with an electric engine that will get you to your gate effortlessly at just over 8 mph.

  • What is the thickness of a commercial aircraft windshield?

    Cockpit windows have to be able to resist cabin pressure and bird strikes. So how thick to they have to be? We interviewed passersby in the streets of Paris. (See the video). The answer is in the article.

  • Meg Ryan’s fear of flying in French Kiss

    Catch up time: the opening scene of French Kiss by Lawrence Kasdan, which was released in 1995, is set in a plane. On board, Meg Ryan alias Kate, a history teacher living in Toronto, is having a panic attack from her fear of flying. Watch the clip. Read the article.

  • Iskra Model Airplane Demo Flight

    Take a look at Rachid Soulimane’s model jet plane demonstration flight, the Iskra. This ‘small’ version is nonetheless 6ft 7in long, weighs 30lbs and flies at nearly 125 mph. Watch the video (no commentary). Read the article.

  • How does a plane get its stripes?

    Before being delivered to a client, commercial aircraft have to get painted according the airline’s livery. This process can take from 6 to 13 days to complete depending on the type of aircraft. Close immersion in STTS, a specialized group that paints around a hundred aircraft a year.


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