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  • These strange gestures that guide aircraft on the ground...

    A commercial or military aircraft cannot be parked like a car, because from their cockpits pilots cannot see the ground markings, or verify whether their plane is properly aligned so that they can shut down their engines. On the ground, one person serves as a guide.

  • Washington National Air and Space Museum

    In the heart of Washington, a few hundred metres from the Capitol, the museum of Air and Space is often at the top of the list of places to visit for tourists to the US capital - and for good reason.

  • Airport tax, what is it used for ?

    When you buy an air ticket, the price you pay includes the "airport tax”... but what is it used for exactly ? Who are the beneficiaries? On what basis is it calculated ? We went to find out…

  • London’s Royal Air Force Museum

    Royal Air Force, three words charged with history. Today, Britain has two museums dedicated to its air force. At one of the them, located on the former Hendon Aerodrome, a few miles north of London, you can visit and admire one of the most impressive collections of aircraft in Europe, which contains over one hundred aircraft ! Come take a look…

  • String Quartet elevates music to new heights !

    We know that music can change your mood, well now there is helicopter music. For this you need : four helicopters, four musicians and a piece of music by the famous German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. The result, to the ear of the uninitiated, could be, to say the least, unusual...

  • Red Bull Air Race returns !

    After a break of three years, the Red Bull World Championship Air Race will make its comeback in the skies over Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, on 28th., February next year. Created 10 years ago, the competition watched by millions of thrilled fans was suspended in 2011...

  • Red Bull Air Race 2014 : Video presentation...

    On the occasion, next year, of the return of the Red Bull World Championship Air Race, come take a look at the spectacular video presentation of this the world's fastest motorsport. Thrills guaranteed !

  • World Aerobatic Championships

    From October 9 to 20, the World Aerobatic Championships are held in Sherman, Texas (USA). For this 27th edition, 70 pilots from 18 different countries perform sequences of compulsory figures. In this video provided by the French air force, Captain François Le Vot is behind the controls !

  • New TV advertising campaign for easyJet

    Check out easyJet's new advertisement. Launched on September 15 in the UK, this spot will be televised for one month. The shooting took place this summer in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Aeroscopia museum to open its doors in a year

    After two months of forced shutdown, the site of the future Aeroscopia aviation museum near Toulouse (South West of France) has just resumed construction. The main building is finally taking form above ground and the principle aircraft that will be exposed there have recently finished being restored.

  • In the wake of Roland Garros, they've succeeded

    100 years after the crossing of the Mediterranean by Roland Garros, the association Réplic'Air has repeated the feat. On September 22, the Morane G connected Frejus in France with Bizerte, Tunisia, in under 8 hours. A historic flight.

  • First images of Mediterranean crossing…

    Réplic'Air Association has succeeded! On September 22, the replica of the aircraft used by Roland Garros 100 years ago, crossed the Mediterranean. First images, with a full report coming…

  • An Iliouchine towed by a SUV !

    After the capabilities of the Range Rover Sport to run around the inside of a Boeing 747, here is a demonstration of the power of the Nissan Patrol engine. The Japanese SUV recently towed a four-engined 170 tonner ! Without TOO much effort...

  • He repairs your bags at the airport !

    At Roissy airport, "SOS Baggage" is a great success ... This service, a world's first, actually repairs your bags in minutes whether you are a passenger or part of the cabin crew ! A concept that is beginning to export well.

  • Morane G in the air !

    Less than three weeks to go for its appointment with history, and flight tests are intensifying for the Morane G. A hundred years after that of Roland Garros, the challenge of crossing the Mediterranean, with an exact replica of the aircraft, is about to be taken by the association Réplic'Air !

  • Sightseeing flights around Paris

    Since August, Airship Paris has been offering commercial flights aboard an airship. A first in France that allows the general public to take a gentle bird’s eye view of the many châteaux on the outskirts of the capital.

  • Range Rover tested in a Boeing 747 !

    For the launch of its new Range Rover Sport, Land Rover invited the specialized press to try out the British firm’s latest baby on an airfield and show them the 4x4’s capabilities with the help of nothing less a Boeing 747 !

  • What is a run-up ?

    Prior to delivery of an aircraft to the customer, aircraft manufacturers make what is called in the jargon: a run-up, during which, the engines are started and the aircraft’s electrical circuits turned on.

  • A sky full of hot air ( balloons ) !

    On the occasion of the 13th edition of the "Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons" at Chambley near Metz (north-eastern France), more than 363 balloons took-off on July 27 in the space of an hour - beating the world record and putting on a truly great show ! Video without commentary...


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