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  • The smallest airport in the world

    With an area of only 150 m2, last year the Knuffingen airport located in Germany, welcomed over one million visitors ! All the biggest companies are there. Absolutely normal, as this is the largest airport hub in the miniature world ! It cost 3.5 million euros and required 150,000 hours of work. Come and see for yourself !

  • Aircraft brake cooling fans

    When a commercial plane lands, the brakes are really put to the test. In just a few minutes, their temperature rises from a hundred degrees centigrade to over 400, requiring nearly two hours to cool down.

  • Red Bull Air Race : second round

    The 12 pilots of the Red Bull Air Race have not really had time to enjoy the scenery at Rovinj in Croatia. This April 13th., in the second round of the world aerobatic championship, the battle has raged between these joystick aces but finally, not much separates the places on the podium.

  • Boeing donates $ 30 million

    The U.S. company Boeing has just donated $ 30 million to the Museum of Air and Space in Washington for the renovation of its entrance. Thanks to this donation, Boeing also wants to develop educational programmes that will educate young Americans to careers in engineering and aviation.

  • Visual acuity of pilots

    It is no secret that airline pilots must have a very good eyesight, but do they necessarily have to have eyes as sharp as an eagles for this job ? Is the wearing of glasses or contact lenses in the cockpit allowed ? Are the regulations the same for all ? Here’s what we discovered…

  • Behind the scenes Air France advertising campaign

    Air France launched a widespread publicity campaign yesterday, 2nd., April, in support of the upmarket positioning of their product range. This new campaign is based on 18 visuals / posters launched in 12 countries worldwide. Air France has also adopted a new slogan : Air France is in the air. Campaign budget less than 100 million euros. Watch the accompanying behind the scenes 'photo shoot.

  • Concorde moves into a museum !

    Repainted and renovated, Concorde "MSN1" has just taken up permanent residence in the future Aeroscopia museum near Toulouse in south western France. By the end of the year, visitors will be able to visit this supersonic test aircraft which took to the air for the first time on 6th., December, 1973. Check out the following images without commentary...

  • "Red Bull Air Race 2014" - this not to be missed spectacle !

    It was at Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, where the first round of the "Red Bull Air Race 2014" took place on 28th., February. In this unbelievable air race, the top 12 aerobatic pilots in the world at 360 km (225 miles ) per hour, slalomed between nylon pylons and gates. A spectacular show just a few metres above the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf...

  • "Going away" - a musical clip from one of our viewers...

    Caede Ridgway, a 29 year-old Australian wanted to share with us one of the songs he has composed and recorded. The images in the video clip compare mankind's sometimes complicated technological ways of reaching the heavens as compared to the oh SO graceful, and almost effortless ease, with which an eagle does ! So, come fly with us, and please send us your comments...

  • 5,000 hours of work for a paper Boeing 777 !

    This 22 year-old Californian is not crazy, although he did have a crazy idea. Luca Iaconi-Stewart has built a model Boeing 777 from Kraft paper. He found the design and plans for this Air India's plane on the internet.

  • "Non-Stop", a manhunt in the sky !

    "House of Wax" was his, "Orphan" his again, "Unknown” yet another; you will never want to fly again after watching his latest production ! The Catalonian director, Jaume Collet- Serra, specialist in fast-paced thrillers, this time has us sitting on the edge of our seats with his latest nail-biter - "Non-Stop" - a Franco-American film in which Liam Neeson...

  • What happens when a plane stalls ?

    When an airplane stalls, it abruptly loses its lift, and then falls like a stone out of the sky! To avoid this, sometimes with tragic consequences, the flow of air over the upper part of the wing must exceed that on the underside...

  • What does all this braid signify ?

    How do you recognize a chief pilot from a co- pilot, a chief purser from a purser ? Well just take look at their stripes or braid, the carrying of which, is required on their uniforms; the number of stripes on the jacket sleeves and shoulders on the shirt, indicate the function of each individual...

  • Emirates' London Amusement Park

    Emirates has definitely set up shop in London ! After the now famous Arsenal team stadium or the cable car over the Thames, the company now has its own attraction in the British capital. Located in a building comprising nearly 300 sq m ( <3,200 sq ft ) floor space adjacent to its cable car...

  • Just how does a jet engine work ?

    The essential element of any vehicle lies in its capacity to create energy for it to move. The following is an overview of the function of a new high-bypass turbofan engine called the LEAP, developed by CFM International.

  • Chinese New Year creates an intense period for travel...

    On 31st., January, 2014, China entered the Year of the Horse. This period of festivity is the largest movement of people in the world involving more than three billion individuals in the space of just one month ! On the occasion of the New Year, 50,000 flights are undertaken in China...

  • What exactly is a "flight plan" ?

    Before arriving in the cockpit, pilot and co- pilot prepare the flight plan. An hour and a half before departure they study the route, weather, and calculate the fuel required for the flight; but to find out more Europe Airpost opened their doors to us...

  • "The Wind Rises" inspired by the life of Horikoshi

    In his latest film, "The wind rises," Hayao Miyazaki, the undisputed master of animation, recounts the story of the young Jiro Horikoshi, a famous Japanese aeronautical engineer, who developed the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter bomber in 1937.

  • Aircraft icing phenomena...

    It is no secret that airliners are equipped with anti-icing systems and in particular to avoid the formation of ice on the wings. But what are the factors that create these icing conditions ? To find out we went to the headquarters of Météo France.


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