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Video - Clean Sky takes off at Farnborough

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At the Farnborough Airshow this week, the European research programme, Clean Sky, presented the status of several of its key projects.

Safran Aircraft Engines’ Open Rotor life size model is one such project. This new counter-rotating unducted propellor engine will enable short haul aircraft to save 30% on fuel consumption by 2030. And it’s taking shape now.

Eric Dautriat, Clean Sky programme Executive Director: interview in the video.

Another project in the pipeline is Laminar Wings. Airbus along with several other partners are developing this new technology which focuses on reworking wing design as well as wing surface in order to improve aerodynamics and air flow. The goal: to reduce exhaust streaks and therefore fuel consumption by 8%. For the moment, the focus is on the tip of the A340 fairings and wind tunnel tests have so far been successful.

Eric Dautriat, Clean Sky programme Executive Director: interview in the video.

And then there’s this Airbus and Rolls-Royce project that is still in its infancy: a hybrid part-electric propulsion engine. This would be a truly revolutionary concept but probably won’t become a reality for another twenty years. Clean Sky is working today to provide ever cleaner aeronautics for tomorrow.

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