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Video - Airbus’ ejectable black boxes: interview of Charles Champion

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Since 2011, Airbus has been working on ejectable floating black boxes. A system that will quickly recover recorders from an airplane after a crash. Located in the tail of the aircraft, the black box will combine both phonic recordings (CVR) and flight data (FDR). It will eject automatically in the event of deformation of the fuselage, or underwater pressure.

These ejectable black boxes will have an integrated location transmitter. Thanks to their buoyancy, they will be located and retrieved quickly for analysis. An effective way to shed light on the causes of an airplane crash at sea. If you remember, it required a two-year search to locate the Airbus A330, flight AF447, Paris – Rio, which came down in the middle of the Atlantic. The fuselage of the Boeing 777, flight MH370 has still not been found, more than two years after its mysterious disappearance.

According to Charles Champion, head of engineering at Airbus, the ejectable black boxes are primarily intended for long-haul aircraft, and could be available within the next five years, as soon as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has certified the system.

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