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Video - Peugeot Design Lab serves aviation

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Yes, we are at Peugeot, however, Peugeot Design Lab’s team is involved with anything but the automotive sector.

As the manager, Cathal Loughnane explains, "here our automotive designers create all Peugeot brand’s non-automotive projects in domains such as sport, marine and aerospace".

Since June 2012, Peugeot Design Lab, based near Paris, has completed various aviation projects, ranging from an ultralight airplane seat to the design of Airbus Helicopters’ latest H160.

Four designers were put to work on the creation of the rotorcraft’s exterior design. Their mission was to design a structure that combines fluidity and dynamism. In particular, they designed a cockpit offering greater pilot external visibility.

Cathal Loughnane, takes us now to the virtual reality centre, a tool they use to visualise conceptual car designs. To give us an idea, he shows us a concept jet created by his team. An indication, not only of the studio’s design team expertise and what they are capable of, but also an aviation universe inspired project that they dream of achieving.

Today, it is not on a jet project, but a tram that the team is working on; however, a classified confidential project with Dassault Aviation is currently underway.

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