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Video - Boeing’s new futuristic non-microbial toilet

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Boeing do not only design planes, the manufacturer is also interested in all kinds of innovations that we could one day find on their aircraft. Their latest is an ultra-hygienic high-tech prototype lavatory, which Boeing's engineers took a year to finalise.

Inside, "zero contact" prevails. With a simple movement of the hand in front of a detector, you can raise, lower, and flush the toilet bowl, wash and dry your hands. Opening the trash flap is done by foot.

But the real innovation lies elsewhere. Once the toilet is vacated, ultraviolet rays flood the room and disinfect all surfaces in just three short seconds. According to Boeing, 99.99% of microbes are destroyed.

If you should find yourself trapped inside this loo and exposed to this "far" UVC, do not panic, because this form of ultraviolet light is different to UVA and UVB, and therefore poses no risk to human health; and perhaps best of all, this system, for which Boeing has filed a patent, even eliminates odours.

These futuristic toilets will be presented at the Aircraft Interiors Expo on 5th April in Hamburg, Germany. Concerning Boeing’s clean cabin fresh Lavatory  marketing, you will have to hold on a little (pun intended), since no date has yet been set.

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