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Video - ArcaBoard: a hovering skateboard

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ArcaBoard, a hovering skateboard, is what the American company Arca Space Corporation, specializing in aerospace vehicles, is preparing to market. With its 36 internal electric ducted fans, developing a power output of almost 300 horsepower, this composite material board allows the user to move around at a height of 1 foot (30 cm) over ground or water, at up to 12 mph (20 km/h).

The ArcaBoard can be controlled either with your smartphone, via Bluetooth, or simply your body movements, as shown here on the demonstration video. It has a limited three to six minute autonomy, normally requiring a battery recharge time of up to six hours.

Available in three colours (beige, blue or green), the launch of this hovering skateboard onto the market is scheduled for 14 April, at the Top Marques Monaco show, the Supercars and luxury goods dedicated event. At almost 15,000 dollars apiece, imitating, up to a point, Marty MacFly in the film "Back to the Future", the ArcaBoard will require a certain budget and basic skateboard skills in order to master it.

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