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Video - Reconciling air transport with sustainable development

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Two weeks before the UN Conference on Climate Change, which starts in Paris (COP 21/CMP 11) on 30 November, the French National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) will be organizing the first air transport and sustainable development Conference. A number of wide-ranging world aviation interest groups (including aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airport operators), researchers, students and global warming specialists will be brought together under one roof at ENAC’s Toulouse campus (south western France). On 18 November, the school will become a forum on the major issues and challenges for the future of air transport.

Marc Houalla, Director of ENAC: "It could stimulate ideas with our researchers, and help to reconcile air transport development, with sustainable development; since if we do nothing about our ability to change and optimize both of these, it could mean that air transport will be challenged in the future."

On the day’s programme are lectures, discussions and demonstrations of environmentally cleaner aeronautical innovations. The MoTa project (Modern Taxiing), which has been under study for two years, will be one of those presented. Via a touch screen, the ground-based controllers (who co-ordinate and direct aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace) can view real-time traffic on the airport platform, and co-ordinate pilots of taxiing aircraft electronically.

One way that would optimize aircraft routes on the ground, and improve not only their taxiing time. Mathieu Cousy, Research Engineer at ENAC: "Our aim is also to simulate 'taxibots', which are in effect pilot-controlled tractors, to take aircraft to the runway threshold, thereby avoiding taxiing with engines running, and allowing aircraft engines to be turned on later, leading to fuel economy and reduction in CO2 emissions."

This first air transport and sustainable development Conference, on 18 November, should help find solutions to balance growth in air transport and sustainable development.

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