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Video - e.Yo Copter: the drone crane

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In the world of drones, the e.Yo 200 is a heavyweight, and weighing in at 110 lbs (50 kg), is capable of carrying a payload of 165 lbs (75 kg). In Germany, this ½ scale demonstrator is currently being tested by JetCat, the manufacturers of its jet engine. Operating as a sort of "flying crane", it could well be used on construction sites, agricultural land, isolated areas, and even out at sea in rescue missions.

Its patented turbo-propulsion system is based on the same jet engine as used on Jetman's wing-suit system (which has four). Hot exhaust gases are produced and expelled from two nozzles, thereby causing the rotation of the helicopter’s rotor blades.

The project, which dates from 2007, has now entered the home straight, and the e.Yo 400, a more powerful version, with twice the power, is at present under development. The helicopter will be capable of transporting a 530 lbs (240 kg) payload, fly fast, at 95 mph (150 km/h), and have a one-hour flight autonomy.

Based in London, Lakesight, hope to present their e.Yo Copter at Eurosatory next June, and plan to commercialize it from 2017. Its price has not yet been formally established but should be around 200,000 euros.

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