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Video - Safran invests in innovative startups

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Safran’s new subsidiary, Safran Corporate Ventures, was created in Paris, earlier this year, with the objective of becoming minority shareholders in innovative startups. It has a three year budget of € 50 million to support ten startups.

Grégoire Aladjidi, CEO of Safran Corporate Ventures: "The aim, really, is to plug into the innovative ecosystem of entrepreneurs, research centres, and startups that can develop technologies that interest us in the field of aviation, defense or security. The main interest for the group is to be able to obtain a privileged access to this technology."

Safran Corporate Ventures were so interested by Krono Safe, that they have just completed their first transaction with them for an undisclosed amount.

To select la crème de la crème from hundreds of potential candidates, Safran Corporate Ventures’ executives base their choices on strategic criteria in terms of potential, growth and maturity. These startups should have already developed their products, and achieved a turnover of around one million euros.

If you wish to apply, you can present your project via the Innovation section on Safran's website.

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