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Video - Flying car: Carplane has no intention of being overtaken

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After the Aeromobil and Transition, the Carplane is a new flying car market entrant, and the brainwave of engineers in Germany. Presented for the first time at the Aero Friedrichshafen 2015 show, it aims to revolutionize personal transport.

John Brown, Carplane Director explains: "Our main market focuses on business travellers from emerging countries, where transportation infrastructure is obsolete. Up to 130 miles (200 km), the most efficient means of transport is the car. Over 750 miles (1,200 km), it’s the airliner. Our niche is precisely that range between the two. There, we are unbeatable." In addition to its better performance, at least on paper, the company also claims their prototype has a greater chance of obtaining the required certifications than its two competitors.

So, how does the Carplane function? On the road, it's a normal car, which can travel up to 110 miles an hour (176 km/h). All you then need to do is simply press a button, and in 15 seconds the wings unfold to transform the vehicle into an airplane, with a range of 530 miles (850 km) before the next top up, and all for just 100 000 euros.

To see the Carplane fly, you will have to wait at least until this autumn (fall), since it will not receive its final certifications before then, with marketing scheduled for 2018.

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