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Video - A supersonic business jet for 2021 ?

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On the occasion of the third and final day of the unavoidable business aviation show, EBACE, in Geneva, Switzerland, the spotlight is on a daring futuristic project from Aerion. This American company, specializing in aerospace engineering since 2002, has introduced a supersonic business jet, called the AS2.

Thanks to its three engines, the jet would be able to attain a speed of Mach 1.4, or more than 1,700 km (1,000 miles) / h.; but for reasons of U.S. and European regulations that prohibit flights above Mach 1 over land, due the famous supersonic "bang", the AS2 would only be able to exceed the sound barrier once over the sea. Nevertheless, in spite of everything, the three hours' less time saved on a Paris-New York flight, for example, would be significant relative to that on a typical commercial flight.

The supersonic jet has a nine-metre ( 30 ft. ) long cabin, which is three metres ( 10 ft. ) less than that of a Falcon 7X, but could accommodate up to 12 passengers.

The market for such an aircraft, whose price is estimated at around 00 million, is considered by Aerion to be 600 units over 20 years. However, for this project to succeed, the U.S. company will have to face the challenge of finding industrial partners. Should this be the case during the course of next year, the entry into service of the AS2 could come as early 2021.

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