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Video - New Cetim testing laboratory in Morocco

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This is the latest trendy destination for the aviation industry. Based in Casablanca since 2006, CETIM, whose parent company is based in Senlis, north of Paris, has just expanded its Moroccan subsidiary. We take a look at the new R. & D. Laboratory premises situated just a stone's throw from the Mohammed V airport.

Philippe Choderlos de Laclos, Managing Director CETIM ( Mechanical Industries Technical Centre ):

"CETIM is the leading technical centre for everything mechanical in France. So, to develop this technological presence we needed support centres outside France, and obviously being French, it is easier to start in Morocco or Tunisia than in say, Russia or the U.S.A.".

At a total investment cost of six million euros, a figure equalling the turnover of its subsidiary in 2013, the Moroccan company envisages doubling its production capacity on these premises 2,000km ( 1,240 miles ) from Paris.

Karim Sheik, General Manager - Development - CETIM Morocco:

''Morocco is an extension of Europe. Casablanca is only three hours away, being also the cycle time needed for the parts to arrive in Morocco. That's 48 hours! If you send a piece between Paris and Lyon it takes the same time as between Paris and Casablanca.''

Of the 60 employees who work on high-tech aeronautical composites, most are young local engineers who were hired straight out of Moroccan higher education institutions.

Karim Sheik, General Manager - Development - CETIM Morocco:

''We trained a number at the parent company in Senlis, after which we continued with tutorials and mentoring, thus, accompanying the new recruits in their professional training. We encourage and enable them to do tests / trials with an exam at the end.''

Today, more than 2,000 tests / trials are performed each year in the CETIM Morocco laboratories. The successful outcome of industrial co-operation between the two countries.

Philippe Choderlos de Laclos, Managing Director CETIM ( Mechanical Industries Technical Centre ):

''Since we came to Morocco with the intent of doing our technical centre work in a rapidly developing country, we would like to amalgamate this lab. activity with that of local metallurgical development.''

For its fiftieth anniversary in 2015, after Morocco and Tunisia, the French leader in mechanical failure analysis, is looking to develop subsidiaries in America and Asia.

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