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Video - "TrixGyro" an Austrian motorcycle-cum-gyrocopter

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Last week, more than 600 exhibitors were present at the Friedrichshafen Aero Show, northeast of Zurich in Germany. On the menu: Business jets, multi-rotor electric helicopters, drones, pleasure aircraft and some visitors tried to convince us they had grown wings, whilst others were even ( possibly ) tempted to join the army!

Among the 33,000 professionals attending, the young Austrian company Trixy Aviation, launched less than 4 years ago, presented its "TrixFormer", a 'Transformers' style motorcycle, that can be transformed, in just 45 seconds, into an airplane, a helicopter or a two-seater auto-gyro ( gyrocopter if you prefer ). This concept should therefore interest ...

Rainer Farrag - C.E.O. of Trixy Aviation :

"Anyone who would like to cover a long distance by air. Anyone who would like to be a pilot, or is a pilot and leaves their aircraft at the airport, rides a motorcycle everyday to and from work, and uses the aircraft only for long distance travel."

For now only the motorbike-cum-gyrocopter version is for sale; four Germans and one Austrian have already placed their orders, and certification is expected by the end of May. From this summer interested buyers should therefore be able to use their machines that can attain 180 km ( > 110 miles ) / hour, at an altitude of 4,600 metres ( > 15,000 ft. ), over a range of up to 500 km. ( 310 miles ).

Even with its price tag of 99,000 euros – this latest innovation could really be, your entry ticket to high society !

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