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Video - « Bag2Go » the suitcase that you’ll never lose !

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Each year worldwide, 26 million pieces of luggage are lost in the maze of airport complexes. To overcome this phenomenon, here is the latest solution: Bag2Go is its name, the "high tech" suitcase impossible to lose ! And for good reason...

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  • Hammad alsehali Guest
    Posté the 01/09/2014 4:51 pm

    When they start studying this program and when will be to used on the airport also when this video wich date

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  • aeronewstv Guest
    Posté the 01/10/2014 9:08 am

    this project was presented in june 2013 at the Paris Air Show. It will be tested this year and could be on the market within the next five years. This video was made on January 9th 2014.

    Best regards,


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