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Video - Public debut for Chinese J-20 stealth jet

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Two new J-20 fighter jets made their public debut with a 60-second flypast at Airshow China. The country’s biggest meeting of plane makers and buyers is being held until 6th November in Zhuhai, 50km west of Hong Kong.

Footage from China’s CCTV news agency (see the video) filmed on 1st November, showcases two J-20 demonstrating their manoeuvrability in the air. The radar-evading aircraft, equipped with two turbo-reactors, are distinguished by their delta wings and their canard configuration.

The 5th generation stealth fighter plane has been developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industries Group, a subsidiary of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), which specialises in military aviation. The aircraft is destined for the Chinese air force. For the time being, technical and military details remain a closely guarded secret.

The 20m-long, 13m-wide aircraft is capable of carrying about 12 tonnes of arms, and is likely to hold a price tag of around 110 million dollars.

The J-20 carried out its first flight in January 2011. Out of the twelve jets built so far, eight are test planes. The Chinese stealth fighter is expected to become operational in 2018.

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