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Video - Paris Air Show : Rafale demonstration flight cockpit view

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Being at the controls of a Rafale, is an unattainable dream for many, but is the daily drudge for Captain Benoît Planche, whose nickname is '’Tao’'. This 38 year old French Air Force pilot with 1,500 flight hours on Rafale, has taken part in 25 war missions, and on average gives 90 demonstrations per year.

It was he who carried out the Dassault Aviation combat aircraft flight demonstrations at this year’s Paris Air Show. Alone on board, Tao had ten minutes each day to show the ‘plane’s full potential and manoeuvrability. A thrilling spectacle seen, not only from the ground, but also from the cockpit, since thanks to the cameras installed in the cockpit of the Rafale, the demonstration is seen from a new angle, and quite simply breathtaking. Fasten your seat belts - immediate scramble with this Dassault Aviation video.

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