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Video - Mexico, the new aeronautical Eldorado ?

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The Mexican president is paying a state visit to France. And after Paris, together with the French President François Hollande, Enrique Pena Nieto visited Airbus Helicopters at Marseille (southern France), because Mexico is interested in buying 50 Super Puma’s (H225M) for its air force. A contract of two billion euros that for now, according to our information, is on hold for lack of sufficient support of the Mexican Parliament. Airbus Helicopters has been established in Mexico since 1964.

For fifteen years this Central American country, eight times the size of the UK, has been developing this sector. 80% of the nearly 300 aerospace companies on Mexican soil, are foreign, with a total workforce of 34,000 direct jobs. The biggest aeronautical manufacturer in the country is Safran with their ten factories and 6,000 employees. There are companies specializing in parts manufacturing, R & D (Research and Development), maintenance and repairs.

The key advantages of the country are that it has a skilled and low cost workforce (up to 30% cheaper), and is an ideal location for the North American market with incentives (financial and non-financial) for the companies that establish themselves on Mexican soil.

According to the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries (FEMIA), by 2020, the aeronautical sector will have 450 companies, more than 110,000 employees and achieve $ 12 billion from exports. It will thus go from the 14th to 10th largest global aeronautical components suppliers.

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